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[PDF] Pocket Anesthesia (Pocket Notebook) 1st Edition

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  • Ngày đăng: 21/02/2023
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Designed for easy transport and quick reference, this new addition to the Pocket Notebook Series presents essential information that residents, anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and medical students need on the wards and in the operating room.

Edited by anesthesia faculty at Harvard Medical School, Pocket Anesthesia is ideally suited for today’s fast-paced anesthesia environment—it is concise, easy to read, and evidence-based.

Essential information is presented in a well-organized schematic outline format with many tables, algorithms, and diagrams.

The book is filled with must-know facts about drugs, frequent intraoperative problems, differential diagnosis, common disease states, patient evaluation, and anesthetic considerations for each subspecialty.

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